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Wellness Committee

The mission of the R3c Wellness Committee is to strengthen organizational health by cultivating interest and encouraging employees to initiate or expand healthier lifestyles, align wellness programs to meet a wide range of personal health needs, recognize employees for participating in healthier lifestyles activities, decrease absenteeism due to illness or stress while expanding a positive culture that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all employees.


The wellness committee of R3 promotes positive change in the seven dimensions of health and wellness:


  • Physical – Implement positive physical lifestyle habits and physical activities
  • Social – Recognize the importance of social relationships in and out of the workplace
  • Emotional – Cultivate a stress-free and optimistic attitude
  • Environmental – Be kind to the environment
  • Mindfulness – Be fully present in all that you do
  • Intellectual – Acquire new knowledge through stimulating mental activities
  • Occupational – Be open to change and learning new skills

Volunteering at Local Food Banks

May 9, 2017

Volunteers from both the Grand Rapids, MI and Minneapolis, MN offices spent time helping out at local food banks. The Grand Rapids team sorted 15,287 pounds of PopTarts!

Polar Plunging to Support Special Olympics

March 12, 2017

By willingly jumping into frigid waters, team members from both Grand Rapids, MI and Minneapolis, MN raised money in this year’s Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics.

Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan

September 18, 2016

Team members volunteered to support their local Ronald McDonald House in Western Michigan. The Western Michigan Ronald McDonald House helps support families who have children that have been hospitalized.