Webinar Ask the Expert: Treating Trauma in First Responders

This “Ask the Expert” presentation will focus in on what you, the audience member, want to know when it comes to treatment of trauma in first responders. If you are an employer, insurer, claim manager, or provider, we encourage you to join us in our discussion of this timely and important topic.


Considering some recent changes in state regulations regarding how workers’ compensation views access to treatment for first responders, it is critical to understand the current challenges that may exist in treatment access. Also, we must be aware of the current evidence on treatment efficacy and new approaches to managing trauma. Dr. Arvig and Ms. Hathaway will take their experience and knowledge and apply it to audience questions in a way that is practical, relevant, and focused not only on clinical improvement, but functional improvement.


The presenters’ discussions during the webinar will be guided by audience questions, which can be submitted prior to the webinar when you register or can be asked in real-time during the webinar.

Date and time

February 19, 2019

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Content for this webinar will be driven by audience questions.

Tyler Arvig, PsyD, LP

Clinical Director of Business Development

About the Author: Dr. Tyler Arvig is a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in the workplace absence, disability, and worker’s compensation arenas. Dr. Arvig has been with R3 Continuum since 2007, his current role is the Clinical Director of Operations, where he oversees operations related to physician training and mentoring. Dr. Arvig has extensive experience conducting disability peer reviews, claimant interviews, and treating provider interviews. In addition to this, he has conducted several trainings for claims specialists and fellow mental health professionals. He has authored several written works including various peer-reviewed journal articles, and a featured column within Disability Management Employer Coalition’s (DMEC) 2015 @Work magazine, related to employment of returning military service members.

Sarah Hathaway, LMSW

Manager, Clinical Consult Center

Sarah Hathaway is a licensed social worker (LMSW) with a Master of Social Work from Grand Valley State University and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Michigan State University. Sarah has worked within public school programs, mental health organizations, and the child welfare system, supporting children and adults of diverse backgrounds and abilities. She has completed trainings in trauma-informed care and disruptive event management which have guided her professional development and career focus. As the manager of the Productivity Assurance Call Center, Sarah oversees a team of clinicians who provide support to impacted workers, as well as clinical guidance to the R3 provider network.