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Webinar: Dancing in the Minefield - Compassionate Care in the Midst of Political Polarization

As is always the case, today’s workplace is a microcosm of society at large: the same disagreements, misunderstandings, and polarizations that occur in coffeehouses and social media inevitably play out on the floor or in the break room at work. Increasingly, these tensions can have a negative impact on morale, retention and operations, spurring on a state of “crisis” that we learn to live with…until a critical incident (death of coworker, a robbery, or an industrial accident, etc.) challenges us to pull together…or not.


However, confident and effective leadership can mitigate these effects and even channel passions into productivity and purpose, creating a positive milieu for all. This presentation will examine the emotional roots of polarization, the economic and workplace implications, and explore a time-honored approach to communication that business leaders can apply to their entire workforce, regardless of political affiliations.


Within this presentation we will…

  • Review current research on the emotional and psychological components of polarization
  • Consider the risk of unaddressed workplace polarization as it applies to business and operational vulnerability
  • Explore perspective – taking as a communication and managerial strategy to diffuse workforce polarization

Date and time

November 13, 2018

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Join us for this educational webinar on political polarization in the workplace.

Jeff Gorter