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Training programs focused on equipping organizations and individuals with the knowledge, awareness, and skills needed to ensure a safe and secure workplace.

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R3 Continuum’s Learning Institute is committed to providing training sessions that are focused on protecting today’s workplace by equipping organizations and individuals with the appropriate skills and knowledge.


  • Delivered by Experts – our trainers are known industry thought leaders with proven ability to provide best practice skills and knowledge for preparing workplaces and individuals on how to deescalate, identify, and manage a potentially threatening situation.
  • Leveraged In-The-Field Experience – we have over 30 years of experience providing consultation and training to workplaces and individuals. Training content is based on the in-the-field experience we have acquired from responding to over 1500 incidents each month including the large scale incidents with notoriety such as Pulse Nightclub, Aurora, CO movie theater, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, etc. We didn’t just Google the content, we lived it. This is how we can ensure that our trainings are grounded in current industry best practice principles.
  • Focused on Skill Development – our trainings are focused on enhancing professional landscapes for those who attend and guarantee a professional structure that will provide take and use skills that can be readily applied to the workday.
  • Combine Psychological and Physical Expertise – trainings cover not just the physical safety side of workplace violence, but the psychological reasoning one commits violence.


Current Training Program Offerings

Basic Threat Assessment

Date: Wednesday, November 11th
Training Time: 12 – 4 PM CT
Price: $400 per individual
Learn how to screen for and assess predatory violence, and employ best practice management strategies to mitigate violence risk.

Advanced Threat Assessment

Dates: Tuesday, December 8th & Wednesday, December 9th
Training Time: 12 – 4 PM CT
Price: $800 per individual
Enhance your existing basic threat assessment knowledge with evidence-based approaches in risk and threat assessment.

Save $200 Now

Register for the Workplace Violence Awareness Training Package
Price: $1200 per individual
This package includes:
  • Hostility Management & De-escalation Techniques (October 21st at 12-2 PM CT)
  • Basic Threat Assessment (November 11th at 12-4 PM CT)
  • Advanced Threat Assessment (December 8th and 9th at 12-4 PM CT)

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