Behavioral Health & Treatment Advisory

Intense work demands can make navigating challenging treatment scenarios overwhelming – both for self and loved ones. These include complex medical diagnoses and behavioral health crises. Our experts provide confidential:

  • Case consultation
  • Emotional support and advocacy
  • Referrals to top-tier resources
  • Follow up and on-going support


Addiction & Substance Use Support

Anyone, including executives and their family members, can struggle with unhealthy compulsive behaviors. Our specialists provide support to:

  • Reduce compulsive behaviors
  • Improved self-awareness and accountability
  • Implement harm reduction and relapse prevention strategies


Conduct Optimization

Executives are not immune to ethical and conduct dilemmas. Our conduct specialists work confidentially with top leaders to:

  • Address undesirable behaviors which can place personal or organizational reputation and performance at risk
  • Access on-going support

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Helps executives develop the skills needed to take their performance to the next level. Options include Performance, Career Transition, 360 Executive Feedback, and Burnout & Happiness Coaching.


Maintains safety and peace of mind for executives and their family. Options include Physical Safety and Threat of Violence Assessment and Management.

Executive Optimization

Elevating Performance

We help you propel performance, culture, brand, and your bottom line by optimizing executive behavioral health.

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