360 Executive Feedback Coaching

Constructive and confidential feedback is essential for optimal self-awareness and executive development. R3c seasoned executive coaches leverage a variety of proven methods to help executive leaders realize their full potential by:

  • Developing self-awareness and new perspectives
  • Sharpening interpersonal communication
  • Improving emotional intelligence
  • Cultivating executive presence


Performance Coaching

R3c personal performance coaches apply the same techniques used with elite athletes to help executives break through mental barriers, sharpen focus, unlock potential, and achieve sustained peak performance.


Career Transition Coaching

Adjusting to a new role, promotion, or preparing to retire presents challenges. Proper support in times of transition ensures people feel and perform their best. R3c coaches help executives:

  • Navigate change
  • Maximize resilience and elevate performance in a new role
  • Position for success after retirement


Burnout & Happiness Coaching

Burnout erodes wellbeing and performance. our evidence-based solution measurably reduces burnout, and improves performance (including key performance indicators) by helping executives:

  • Learn and practice five principles of happiness
  • Measure and track results
  • Sustain results

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Promotes wellbeing, resiliency and performance on key issues impacting executives. Options include Conduct Optimization, Addiction & Substance Use Support, and Behavioral Health & Treatment Advisory.


Maintains safety and peace of mind for executives and their family. Options include Physical Safety and Threat of Violence Assessment and Management.

Executive Optimization

Elevating Performance

We help you propel performance, culture, brand, and your bottom line by optimizing executive behavioral health.

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