Roundtable Consultation

Evaluating claims is not easy, especially in these stressful and challenging times. Even seemingly straightforward claims require sifting through conflicting information from myriad of sources in order to piece together an accurate picture.


Evaluating complex behavioral health claims and behavioral aspects of physical claims can be especially challenging. Plenty of room exists for inconsistencies among the vast information provided by the employee, the employer, physicians, and psychologists – making the path forward unclear.


How do you ensure your claims management team has the expert clinical support necessary to make confident and defensible behavioral health claims decisions?


R3 Continuum can help.


R3c’s Roundtables provide dedicated, objective, clinicians who provide best-practice expertise while collaborating with your claims team to enhance accurate, timely, and defensible decisions.


The benefits of R3c’s Roundtables:

  • Enhance the ability to conceptualize claims to make more informed, accurate decisions
  • Maintain objectivity, even when managing emotionally charged claims
  • Improve interactions with claimants and providers
  • Reduce unnecessary or untimely independent medical examination (IME) or peer review referrals


R3c’s Roundtables provide:

  • Real-time behavioral health case management training
  • Ongoing, regularly scheduled meetings, held virtually, telephonically, or in person
  • Collaboration with team members and streamlined process management


In these challenging times, we are here to help your claims management team to make confident and informed behavioral health claims decisions. Talk to us.

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