Independent Psychological Examinations

When an employee is on leave for a behavioral health issue, assessing their condition or recovery status may not be black and white. The employee may have different providers who do not agree on the diagnosis, treatment, or functional capabilities. And sometimes, the motivation of the employee or their claim may be in question. How do claims managers make accurate decisions when they do not necessarily have accurate or complete information?


An independent psychological examination (IPE) can provide the answers you and your claims managers need. The IPE, is a specialized, formal psychology-legal examination, assesses the employee’s level of functioning and provides objective, timely, and thorough information to help you resolve a claim.


At R3c, our IPEs are conducted by a member of our extensive nationwide panel of state-licensed and board-certified psychologists, psychiatrists, and neuropsychologists.


When should you use an IPE?

If you have a difference of opinion between attending providers or peer reviewers on an employee’s functional status, treatment, or prognosis; need clarification on a diagnosis; have concerns about the appropriateness of the treatment plan; or are concerned about an employee’s motivation regarding a claim, an IPE can provide much-needed clarity.


R3c behavioral health IPE’s typically consist of:

  • A face-to-face, clinical interview of the employee
  • Review of employee behavioral health records
  • Psychological or neuropsychological testing, as appropriate
  • Mental status examinations
  • Diagnosis, treatment plan, and estimated time for recovery
  • Clinically supported restrictions and limitations
  • Conferring as needed with treatment providers


A commitment to quality

R3c provides clear and concise statements of psychological opinion—determinations that are supported by sound clinical rationale and can withstand vigorous scrutiny in court should a claim be litigated.


When you have a claim that needs an objective, expert opinion, an R3c independent psychological examination can help you make a confident, informed claims determination.

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