Fitness For Duty Evaluations

We perform fitness for duty evaluations that help employers make confident and informed personnel decisions. Click here to contact us, or submit your evaluation need in the form below.

In these uncertain times, violence and other escalating trends such as mental illness, substance use and stress have dramatically increased employers’ fitness for duty concerns. Unfortunately, most fitness for duty testing providers take a standard, “one size fits all” approach that fails to fully address such complexities.


How do you get the right FFDs you need to promote workplace safety and wellbeing?


R3 Continuum can help.


We offer the most comprehensive and timely FFDs tailored to every situation, including best practice violence screening. With over thirty years of experience in workplace behavioral health and safety, we are uniquely equipped to professionally evaluate even the most complex situations to ensure confident, unbiased, and defensible employment decisions.


R3c’s FFD evaluations provide:

  • Face-to-face clinical interview of the employee, either virtually or in person
  • Valid and reliable psychological testing and fitness for duty assessments to determine if the employee has the functional capacity to work
  • Review of the employee’s diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and timeframe for recovery, if medical records are available
  • Evaluation of work capacity (mental and physical) and delineated workplace restrictions if necessary
  • Conferring as needed with current treatment team and management
  • Immediate wrap-around security and behavioral health support if available should an FFD uncover concerns such as threat of violence, substance use or cognitive impairment.


In these challenging times, we are here to help with your ability to make confident and informed personnel decisions that protect and cultivate workplace safety and wellbeing. Talk to us.

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