Tailored Solutions for a Safe and Secure Workplace

Your clients trust you for legal protection. But when critical incidents occur, who do you connect them with to rebuild and transform safely? The cost of not having a workplace violence program in place, can end up costing organizations 100 times more. R3 Continuum (R3c) has been a trusted partner of labor and employment law professionals for over 30 years, providing their clients with psychological and physical security support that aids their ability to keep employees, assets, and operations safe.


We offer tailored solutions for your clients, helping ensure they have the right protocol and safeguards to mitigate the potential impact of workplace violence incidents.

How we partner

Whether a referral to your client or a true partner, R3 Continuum stands ready to support your smarter approach to workplace violence protection and recovery.

Why R3 Continuum?

For over 25 years, R3 Continuum has been a leading provider of custom behavioral health solutions for workplace wellbeing in companies across the United States, supporting businesses through a variety of crisis and disruptive events. We know the value of a thriving workforce and the cost of a disjointed or disabled one. No matter how big or small, our experts can help your team remove the roadblocks in your path to innovation, cohesion and creativity again.

"Our team has raved about the partnership with R3c and what a good business partner you have been. You have consistently filled cases through this difficult time and have been reliable in managing the details of large projects in partnership with our team. Thank you for a job well done."

- R3 Continuum Retail Client amid COVID-19

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