Active Shooter Preparedness

Active shooter incidents are defined as events where an individual or individuals actively seek to kill and/or wound people in a confined or populated area through the use of one or more firearms/explosives or other lethal weapons. Regrettably, these incidents appear to occur with increasing regularity, and while the likelihood of someone being personally impacted by this type of incident remains very low, it is helpful to know what to do in the event you find yourself in this situation. How do you prepare and protect your organization and employees for how to respond to an active shooter or other workplace violence incidents?


R3 Continuum can help.


Through our workplace violence, active shooter, and security awareness training our subject matter experts will help to provide your organization and employees with the skills and information needed to understand how to respond or navigate these situations, should they occur. Our training includes:

  • Workplace violence awareness (understanding the violent mindset) including bullying & harassment
  • Triggers and warnings signs
  • Strategies to prevent violence
    o Hostility management
    o De-escalation techniques
    o Workplace violence termination procedures (with handout)
  • Active shooter action plan (with handout)
  • Security awareness/situational awareness


Additionally, through our protective services we partner with you to provide end to end psychologically informed protective services that aid in safeguarding and supporting all facets of your organization.


In these complex and challenging times, we are here to help you and your people cope and thrive. Talk to us.

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